Endnotes for "The Sword Was Not With the Goddess: A Spiritual Midwife Addresses the Need to Heal Abortion"

  1. The complete book is available from Freestone Publishing Company, Box 398, Monroe, UT 84754-0398 USA, (435) 527-3738, freestone@hubwest.com. Freestone also carries several other works by Jeannine Parvati Baker on related topics: Hygieia: A Woman's Herbal; Prenatal Yoga & Natural Birth; and Artemis Speaks:Vaginal Birth After Caesarian and Natural Childbirth Information. E-mail Freestone for current prices and complete list of works.

  2. As explained in Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, Yoga-- Mind and Body (London: Dorling Kindersley, 1996), 6: yoga "is a way of life, an integrated system of education for the body, mind and inner spirit. This art of right living was perfected and practiced in India thousands of years ago but, since yoga deals with universal truths, its teachings are as valid today as they were in ancient times...Its techniques may be practiced by Buddhists, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus and atheists alike. Yoga is union with all."

  3. Amen, a word of Zoroastrian origin, is the traditional Jewish and Christian closing to a prayer, meaning "so be it." "Blessed be" is a Wiccan invocation. Namaste is a traditional Hindu greeting meaning "the Divine in me salutes the Divine in you."

  4. Noted women's health physician Christiane Northrup, who stopped performing abortions in the mid-1980s, recounts her personal experience of this ritual in Chapter Eleven of her book Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom (Bantam Books, 1994).